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Love it so much! 21.361 20.820 is my latest best lap


Thanks for playing! That is a very good time! You can now play and submit your time on the Leaderboards ingame. 

Thanks so much for adding the leaderboard! I've played again :)

Cool game, with nice camera angles! The sound volume is a bit too loud, but still had some fun races  

Thanks for playing! You can try the new version with the sound volume issue fixed

Could you post a windows build? The game looks fun, but I hate the input delay, webgl has. Thanks

Thanks for playing! Now you can download a Windows build.


I've enjoyed trying this game. It has a very nice game feel. Improving how the car responds and impacts is a must.

Also liked the camera views, except in close mode when doing short reverse to get the car back on track

Thanks for playing! I continue updating the game. You can try the new version and share your opinion again!

Awesome update.
Very cool to play and compete against other players.

This game feels great, however, you have to improve the vehicle physics and the camera movement nicely. If you poolish this game well ahead of time then definitely it's going to be a climb the charts for sure. 

Thanks for playing! I really appreciate your opinion. I am updating the game, you can try a new version now! ☺️

That's pretty cool.