Welcome to 29 The Game.  In this game, your goal is to survive as many rounds as possible.

  • In each round, pick a number to add to the banned list.
  • A random number will be generated between 0 and 29. 
  • If the banned list contains the generated number, you lose all your points. 
  • You can decide to finish the game before starting each round.

Chose your numbers and pray to the Random God for your victory. Don't forget to share your best scores on the Leaderboards!


Made in 12 hours.

Music Theme is property of DaveBeMac:  https://www.facebook.com/davebemac

Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorDavid López
Made withUnity


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Un juego muy divertido. Con una mecánica muy diferente que se ve poco o casi nada. Además el hecho de perder te dan ganas de volver a jugar. Y con una buena composición de música. Buen trabajo.


Ah AH! Very funny. Nice game to "choose" who is going to pay the dinner!!! I guess it doesn't need the 'continue' button... just press another number or finish! Also, allow it in fullscreen please! Nice job.