Made for the 2018 Coffee Jam. 

Arcade game in which you take the rol of a waiter and you have to guess  how much coffee the costumers have ordered. To fill the cup  you should keep pressed the click on the waiter. The cup has a capacity of  100 ml and you have just one attempt to fill it correctly. The exact number is not neccesary as there is a margin allowed of 5 ml considering the number required. 

Thank you

Good luck!


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Interesting game, I have not seen this concept before. If I could suggest one thing, it's that it's not really clear what to click to pour the coffee. Well, I soon figured it out.

The game is too hard for me to succeed on more than 1 cup. I wonder if anything else happens when you get 3 or 5 cups right?

Nice game! A little addictive and harder than it sounds. I'd add shortcut keys to make the restart function quicker instead of having to click the waiter, then click the start button etc.